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Omaha is second only to the unrivalled classic: Texas Hold'em. Find differences between Hold'em and Omaha and try your hand at Omaha now!

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If you played enough Texas Hold'em, it's high time to try a new poker game: Omaha. This variation of poker is rapidly becoming popular not only in Europe but all over the world. Robert Turner (an American professional poker player) was the first to introduce the game. He showed it to another poker player Bill Boyd. Las Vegas Golden Nugget Casino was a place where Boyd eventually launched Omaha Poker. Nobody knows the exact origin of the game. It could be said for sure Omaha has nothing in common with the city of Omaha except its name. Though Texas Hold'em is still the undisputed leader Omaha is the second worldwide most popular form of poker today. This community card poker game captivates both professional poker players and beginners. It's easy to learn and exciting to play.

The main differences between Hold'em and Omaha are the following:

1. In Omaha you are dealt four cards instead of two
2. The best hand is made up of two cards of your hand and three of the five community cards (unlike Texas Hold'em, you can't use four or five cards on the table)

At you are offered the rarest type of Omaha Poker - No Limit Omaha Poker. No Limit means simply that you can bet any amount, up to all of your chips. Likewise we would like to offer you Omaha Poker in 2 forms: Hi and Hi-Lo.

We want you to experience the best possible gaming here! Poker promotions, events, regular bonuses, gifts from other players and a variety of tables : that 's free Omaha Poker at! You 'll find a great variety of tables with 5 or 9 players, game speed (fast and normal) and betting options. Naturally, we offer you a plenty of poker tournaments to play. Select the one best suited to your personal preferences, invite friends to play with you and have fun!

Join our poker network that offers international players find each other and keep in touch by exchanging messages and playing together. You don't need to download any soft, play poker for free directly in your browser (any browser!). Windows, Mac & Linux-friendly: that's Omaha at Celeb Poker! Just click "Play now" and enjoy Omaha Poker online or read about the rules of poker games!

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