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Texas Hold'em And Omaha – Most Popular Poker Games Online

Despite the variety of free poker games offered online today, Texas Hold’em and variations of Omaha remain the most popular classics. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) features different types of poker, but even in this highly popular and professional poker tournament, Texas Hold’em is by far the most common and popular form of the game. No wonder that whenever someone asks if you play poker, they usually mean good old Texas Hold’em. It’s the most basic and widely played variation of poker in the world.

Similarities And Differences

Omaha, being the second popular type of poker, often remains unjustifiably ignored. It is believed that if you can play one of these games, you’ll easily play the other one. So if you’re good at Hold’em, you might find Omaha new and refreshing, but not too demanding in terms of learning. Indeed, if you look at the rules of both games the major differences are:

  • In Omaha, you get 4 cards from the dealer, instead of 2 as it happens in Texas Hold’em
  • Out of these 4 cards you’ve been dealt, you need to use exactly 2 to build a 5-card winning hand. In Texas Holdem, you’d be able to use any five cards from both your hand and the board

The rest of the rules are pretty much the same, and if you play free poker games it’s easier to try your hand at everything. But don’t rush to Omaha before we tell you all the secrets.

Little Hints From Pro Players

Have a look at these less obvious distinctions:

  • In Omaha, it’s harder to figure out which hand your opponent has because everyone is dealt 2 cards more than in Texas Hold’em. It gives you a certain advantage at the beginning of the game, as you have more facedown cards to choose from and other players can only guess what you have. But this also leaves you in the dark about the other players’ hands. Therefore it’s easier to bluff and to be bluffed.
  • In Texas Hold’em, experienced players often do positional raises. In Omaha this wouldn’t really help them to get the pot, because with 4 cards and more possible winning combinations, they wouldn’t expect as many players to fold.
  • In Texas Hold’em the 2 dealt cards pretty much define how the round ends, while in Omaha you can’t really predict anything before you see the flop cards.
  • It is often said that Omaha is more profitable than Texas Hold’em. The logic behind this belief is that since you see many more flops playing Omaha, you can expect the pots to grow faster. However, this is a disputed point and everything usually boils down to the player’s ability to see opportunities (i.e. identify a fish and attack it) and luck.

Little Hints From Pro Players

The information provided above also gives us two ideas:

  1. Someone who’s good at Texas Hold’em and slightly over-confident, becomes a perfect target when playing Omaha. People tend to judge their cards the way they did when playing Texas Hold’em. Here’s where you can take advantage of their less perfect strategy. If you’re the one who’s switching, watch out.
  2. If you don’t seem to succeed at Texas Hold’em, chances are you can do better at Omaha. Many poker players fail because of their poor ability to bluff, so Omaha can create more favorable conditions for newbies.

If you have never played poker games online, you might need some time to adjust to a new environment. You’re at the right place because at CelebPoker all games are free and you can easily find players of your level to practice at a comfortable pace.

Read the rules of the games, meet other players and start building your bankroll today!