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Top 10 Free Poker Software

This is our rating of sites offering free poker software. Check out the brief descriptions of available features:

10. Sportsbook Poker

Sportsbook has recently become a part of the Merge Gaming network, which positively affected the variety of games on offer. But that's where the differences end. Simplicity seems to be the motto of the developers, as the site doesn't really boast any features that would make you go ''wow!" However, it doesn'thave flashy 3D graphics and quirky avatars that are essential for a great poker experience. The software does its job, offering the basic features: ring games, tournaments and also free video tutorials and tips/strategy descriptions. A no-download version is not available.

9. Poker770

The most amusing thing about this free poker software is that you get 2 viewing options: 3D and bird's eye. Not sure why players need this option, but hey, it's the 21st century, so bring on the tech! Same about multi-tabling: you 'll probably never play 16 tables at once, but it's nice to know that you can. Also while multi-tabling you can adjust the settings so that you only view the minimal info related to each table required to play. But if you like table-view, feel free to cascade or tile them across the screen. The hand history and hand replay functions are also very decent, so if you've missed something then you can always catch up on the action. A no-download version is available.

8. PKR Poker

PKR Poker will appeal to the more creative players. If you like realistic avatars, you'll love how you can choose your hair-do, face, eye color, clothes, accessories, and otherbits that make up your portrait. The 3D software even allows you to express your emotions at the table by applauding or crying. This is surely the type of feature you can live without, but it's nice if you like to personalize your gaming experience. The same goes for the detailed graphics: they're not really necessary because you only really need to distinguish the cards.It is cool, though when you sort of move the camera around the table and see the tiniest details,or when all the opponents are "watching" as you look at your hole cards for the first time. Multi-tabling is limited to only 4 tables at a time, so this makes things even more clear: the site isfor those who view poker as a type of recreation.Instant-play version is available.

7. WPT Poker

The best choice for those who still remember the first season of the World Poker Tour that started in 2002. Yes, WPT went online with their free poker software in 2010, so it's fairly new, but has good traffic in ring games, which is partly due to the quality of the software. It can be downloaded to your PC and will provide all the nice customization options that are meant to make your stay more convenient and rewarding. However if you're into heavy multi-tabling, you might say that a 4-table maximum is not enough for a pleasurable experience. Those who often access their account from a remote computer will be delighted to know that a no-download version is available, but unfortunately not for Mac and Linux users. Hopefully, this will be sorted out in the near future.

6. Lock Poker

If you've heard about the Revolution Gaming Network (former Cake Network), Lock Poker is their flagship and runs on the Cake Network software. Fortunately, the software was updated just before Lock bought it, so you can expect a decent experience. Besides, rumor has it that Eric "Rizen" Lynch himself had a hand in the creation of the site, and we 're sure that he knows the game inside out. The designers obviously made an effort with eye-pleasing (but not distracting) graphics, the possibility to add animations and configure the client according to your own preferences (size and look of the tables, tiling and even filters in the lobby).A no-download version is not available, but on the bright side, there's software for Mac players.

5. Lucky Ace Poker

Lucky Ace Poker has greatly improved over the last couple of years. They seemed to listen to what their customers complained about, so now the software runs smoothly and is full of handy features. You'll easily find your way in the lobby and pick the game you wish to play.The platform supports Texas Hold-em, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Seven Card Stud with different limit variations. In the lobby we also liked the filter searches for games and available tables, viewable stats on average pot size, hands played per hour and flop percentage. At the tables, the graphics are clear and unobtrusive; 3D avatars are also fun.A no-download version is available.

4. Titan Poker

Titan Poker, which is a notable site on theiPoker network, is known for its multilingual software. Players can choose from as many as 15 languages. This is probably one of the reasons for the fairly heavy traffic on this site. Most Titan regulars would say that, although Titan's software doesn't offer much in terms of graphics and design, they don't mind it that much as it offers dependable performance. Also, the simplicity of the interface makes the site a good place for starting your poker career, as you won't be distracted by all the unessential features.Ano-download version is available.

3. Bwin Poker

Since Bwin Poker is on a busy Ongame network, you'd expect it to offer user-friendly software that will appeal to almost everyone. And you'd be right! Modern looks, sharp graphics and intuitive interface are all there to promise you a great experience. As you pick the game you wish to play tonight, you'll get access to a really cool sidebar divided into 3 fields: game statistics, chat and promotions. And if you're hesitant about joining the table, you can view the table information without leaving the lobby. Not much to expect in terms of multi-tabling, as the site allows for 4 tables max at a time, but that's really the optimal number of tables to be played simultaneously. A no-download version is not available.

2. Betfair Poker

Betfair hardly needs any introduction, but it surely deserves to be mentioned. In terms of fancy features, their software is nothing to write home about. When it comes to gameplay however,we've no complaints to offer. There are 7 languages to choose from, a cool little program that players can utilize to analyze hand stories, and player notes with statistical functionality that we found pretty easy to use. If you like the entourage with animated avatars and other things that are not really related to poker itself, you'll be disappointed. But then if you're there to play poker, you'll surely enjoy the clean interface and speed. You can play at more than 15 tables at a time (although we don't recommend it). All in all, while you figure out what some buttons are for (oops, no pop-ups with hints), you'll totally enjoy the game. Unfortunately there is no instant-play version available.

1. 888 Poker

888 Poker is basically a rebranded version of one of the oldest online poker rooms: Pacific Poker. So it took the best things from the old free poker software and added new ones. The total count of the new features should be around 100, but the most distinguishing are their 3D graphics (processing speed is unaffected), private table option, highly improved multi-tabling and webcam games. The last one is truly cool if you like to see your opponents and don't mind letting them see you. It is also pretty convenient that you can download hand-stories to your PC and store them. And last but not least: 8 languages to choose from if you're not an English speaker. A no-download version is available.

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